Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I first want to say that I am enjoying having a bread maker. I got this bread maker in March as one of the prizes that Jim chose for his 35th anniversary prize package. I just took this loaf of Honey Wheat bread out of the machine and it looks great, will taste wonderful and has filled the house with mouth-watering aromas! Can you smell it?!

We've had a good weekend. Yesterday we drove south to the Bristol Harbor Golf Club where we volunteered at a rest stop for the Highlander Bike Ride. It was a beautiful day and we were glad to be in such a pretty location, overlooking Canandaigua Lake. We had the early shift which meant our alarm was set for 5:20 AM and which got us to Bristol Harbor before 7 AM. We set up tables, a canopy and set out all sorts of food and drinks that the riders could enjoy. We worked with another couple which was fun.

Our shift ended at 9:30, at which time we drove back to the city and stopped at the Convention Center for the Home Show. We are looking to replace 9 windows in our house and we got some information about a variety of window companies and will make some appointments with sales people from some of these companies to come out and give us an estimate. We want to get this job completed before the end of the year so we can take advantage of the federal tax credit.

I was going to go to the Clothesline Art show later on Saturday, but it was such a beautiful day that I decided to go for a bike ride. I did one of may favorite loops and arrived home with 18.4 miles on my cyclometer and feeling really good.

Today I got my grocery shopping done before heading to church where I served as a substitute deacon. In the early afternoon I went for a nice walk for an hour with my friend Patti. She used to teach with me at Longridge, but switched schools this year and I miss seeing her on a daily basis, so it was good to catch up today.

The Buffalo Bills failed to instill much hope in the faithful today with a loss to Miami. It could be a long football season here in Western New York!

I have been knitting on a shawl, using the pattern and yarn that Corey gave me for my birthday and it is coming along very nicely. I do need to pay attention to what I am knitting, so cheering during football games or tennis matches has slowed my progress.

I came home from school on Friday to discover that the stump in our front yard had been ground out. Now the town needs to return and fill in the hole and put some grass seed in.

Got a full week of school coming up, but I am optimistic because we got off to a very good start.

Hope all is well.

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