Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Summary

We had a beautiful fall Saturday today and we took advantage of the day.

My spinning guild sponsored the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival in Hemlock, NY. I volunteered to work a 2 hour shift at the Information Table. I arrived just before the opening at 10 AM and took and hour and a half to tour around and see the animals, fiber, and some friends. At 11:30 I began my shift and worked with another woman from the guild who I didn't know. I enjoyed her company and our 2 hours went by quickly. Most people wanted to know where they could buy festival merchandise and where the sheep dog demonstrations were. We did have to deal with a really rude man but we killed him with kindness and found just the person he needed to talk to, to solve his problem. Here are some photos the first day of the fiber festival.

Tomorrow I am volunteering again and will be there before the festival opens so I can work the first shift in the ticket booth.

Jim went to Colgate University because Corey was running in a race there. Corey had a good race and was pleased with his 6th place finish. The Syracuse men took the first 6 places in the race, so they all had a good day. Here is a photo of the start. Corey is on the far right side of the pack.

Tomorrow the weather is not forecasted to be as nice as today, but I look forward to being at the fiber festival again.

Friday night I went to a Happy Hour with some of the school staff at Pier 45, a restaurant on the river near the beach. It was fun to relax with my colleagues and then Jim joined me and we stayed for dinner. We sat on the enclosed deck and had a good meal, watching a few boats cruise up and down the river.

This past week we got 2 more estimates for replacement windows and next week we have one more guy coming in. Then we will make our decision.

Hope all is well.

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