Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In anticipation of our vacation to Florida, I had a pedicure this afternoon. I invited some of my friends to join me and we had a fun time. Sally, Diane and Sherri met me at Solutions Spa and we were all able to have our pedicure together in one room. It felt sooo good and now my feet look better than ever!

We all agreed that we needed to do that again someday~and not wait too long!

I've been able to ride my bike to work two days this week, which is a real treat, especially when I can take my 15 mile route home after school. Today, because of my pedicure, I had to come right home, but I rode a little extra before school because it was a nice cool morning for riding. I did get caught in the rain going to school on Monday, but I had some "quick-dry" pants on so I wasn't walking around in wet clothes all day.

Tomorrow it is one of my volunteer days at the hospital gift shop and then up to Jenny Lake to open camp this weekend.

Happy Birthday to Alison and Joanie on Thursday!
Hope all is well.

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