Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Beautiful Day in Maryland

What a great day to be at a festival! Sally and I left Westminster at 7:45 AM and we were walking onto the grounds of the Howard County Fair Grounds for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival by 8:30. It was once again a delightful, fibery day! We were surrounded by yarn, roving, sheep, alpacas, llamas, knitting and weaving supplies, and lamb. Here are a bunch of photos from our day.

The day was sunny and hot! When we weren't in one of the animal or vendor barns, we were seeking out some shade.

Liz joined us in time to have a late lunch. Sally and I indulged in some lamb, which was delicious. We all bought some yarn and I added to my roving supply. I also bought a very light weight silver shawl pin to go on my Seascape shawl.

Sally and I both had knit new sweaters for this festival. Well, actually mine was knit for the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, but it was so cold that weekend that my new sweater was hidden under several other layers. So today it made its festival debut. But it was so hot that we had our sweaters off shortly after arriving! Here we are wearing our new sweaters, standing in the lobby of our hotel.

Liz drove back to our hotel with us and joined us for dinner. It was a bonus to see her.

Sally and I will head home tomorrow, hopefully not hitting too much rain.

Corey runs in the Big East Track meet tomorrow in Cincinnati. Good Luck, Corey!

Hope all is well.

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