Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mother and mother-in-law! I am one lucky person to have you both in my life. Both my boys remembered me this day and I say "thank you " to both Tucker and Corey. Tucker called from Colorado and we had a nice chat. Jim and I stopped in to see Corey in Syracuse on our way home from Jenny Lake and he fed us lunch, including some warm, delicious, blueberry muffins that he made from scratch!
If you click Corey's photo, you can make it bigger and really see how nicely his mustache is coming in!

So we went to Jenny Lake this weekend to help Gram and GrandDad open camp for the season. Here is a photo story of our weekend. We awoke to a rainy Saturday morning, but during the first break from showers, Jim and GrandDad started the outside work, including putting in the dock.
Because there had been some construction in the camp over the fall and winter, I took down all the curtains in the camp and ran them through the dryer with no heat. It was amazing all the dust that was in the dryer trap after each load. Gram and I worked hard getting bedrooms cleaned.
Liz K. along with Kim and Shaun arrived for a visit in time for lunch. They brought the nice weather with them. Liz is part of our New Year's group at Jenny Lake and was thrilled by seeing the lake unfrozen and greenery all around! She also enjoyed the indoor plumbing!
We took a hike to the outlet where the beavers have been busy.
There were lots of spring flowers in bloom.
Liz was the first one in the lake this season! I'm not sure it really counts when you only get your ankles wet!
But all that hiking was exhausting so we relaxed in the sunshine. They all headed back to Saratoga shortly after this rest.
With the company gone, the rain returned, but we were rewarded with not one rainbow, but if you look closely in the upper right hand corner of this photo, you can see a second rainbow. We didn't see it when I was taking the photo, only later, when we were home looking at the photos on the computer!
We left camp around 9:30 this morning, drove about 1.5 miles until we met this obstacle across the road! Yikes! We had to turn around, return to camp to warm Gram and GrandDad who were leaving shortly, and then take an alternate route!

We came home and are now looking forward to our upcoming Florida trip! Especially since we drove home today through snow!

Hope all is well.

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