Saturday, December 5, 2009

Catch-up Time

I feel like this has been a busy week, but there was nothing really unusual going on. We went to work, some nights had the usual evening activities, and then went to sleep only to repeat that protocol the next day.

We did have a new double bed delivered on Wednesday and Friday nights (one part was missing when the bed was delivered on Wednesday, so the guys had to come back on Friday) and Tucker's old room is now all set up for our guests which arrive on Tuesday. Here's what it looks like now. Someday I will make new drapes for the room so they coordinate with the bedspread.

Friday night I got Jim to help me prepare all the candy canes for making candy. He does good work.

Today we went out to Eastview Mall so I could order some new living room furniture and Jim could have our laptop computer checked out. Jim had tried to upgrade the operating system on our Apple laptop and had a series of problems, ending with a completely unresponsive computer. He made an appointment at the Apple Store in Eastview Mall for a time when I was going to be out there to order a new sofa and chairs. I spent an hour or so looking through lots of fabric samples.
I ended up selecting these 2 fabrics. The striped sample is for the 2 chairs and the textured solid colored sample is for the sofa. I really like my choices and think the new stuff will look good with our 4 year old carpet and the green wall in the living room. The furniture will be delivered in 12-16 weeks! I guess I had better forget about it for the time being. Here is a photo of the fabrics I chose, the colors are not quite true due to the flash, but it will give you an idea.
The laptop that Jim took back to the Apple store, was no stranger to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. This laptop has had its troubles since we bought it almost 4 years ago and when the store employees reviewed the repair history of the laptop and heard about its current problems, they decided to give Jim a whole new computer!!! He walked out of the store with a new 15 inch Mac Book Pro. He was very pleasantly surprised and most pleased. So he has a new toy and is loving it!

This afternoon Gram and I made Christmas cookies, lots of Christmas cookies. We are a pretty efficient team and have a good system to get 4 or 5 different kinds of cookies made in an afternoon.

We went to the Greece Family Restaurant for dinner tonight and were a bit surprise to see some live music when we walked in! These 2 guys were playing country western music the whole time we were there. We recognized a Johnny Cash number and one by Willie Nelson. On our way out of the restaurant we noticed the sign that said this duo was there every Saturday night.

Tomorrow we are going on the hunt for a Christmas tree. We will go to Wilbert's in Webster with G & G and search for the perfect tree, or at least one that Jim and I can agree on! Stay tuned for a photo.

We are looking forward to next week's visit by Jeannie, Mark, Britni, Michal, Elizabeth and Terry. Jim is taking some time off from work while they are here so he can spend some quality time with them. We will have a 93rd birthday celebration dinner for Grandpa on Wednesday night.

Happy Birthday to nephew Zach, who turns 16 on the 6th! We will be glad to see you here for Christmas.

Hope all is well.

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