Friday, December 11, 2009

A Houseful of Fun

My last post was when we were anticipating the arrival of Jim's family for the celebration of Grandpa's 93rd birthday. We have been really busy so there have been no updates since their arrival. I will write this now while our guests are playing Wii.

Jeanne, Mark, Michal, Elizabeth, Terry and Britni all arrived in time for Grandpa's dinner. Jim drove to Syracuse and brought Corey to town for the festivities, so we were a table of 11 at the Home.

Corey and Michal outdid themselves with their get-ups for the evening. In some other post I will explain why Corey is wearing a sash that says "Mr. July 2010!"

After our birthday dinner we posed for a family photo.
We returned to their apartment for birthday cake and a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday!"
Some of us ended our evening by breaking out the Rock Band, at 10 PM! This was no problem for any of the others, but I had to get up and go to work the next day! It was great fun!

Jim has had a bit of excitement in the last 24 hours. He left for a race in Lexington, KY at 4 PM on Thursday. He was riding down with 45 of his teammates in a big bus. The weather was questionable when they left with high winds and intermittent snow squalls. There was some concern when it took them 1 hour and 45 minutes to get from Victor to LeRoy on 490, a trip that can usually be made in less than an hour. The going was really slow on the Thruway with the conditions deteriorating with every mile they travelled east. After about 6.5 hours they were on the other side of Buffalo, a trip that normally would take about 2 hours. They had been driving through lots of white-out conditions much of the way. When they got about 9 miles from the last exit on the NYS Thruway, they came to a complete stop, where they stayed for the next 14 hours! Yes, you read that right, 14 hours! A tractor-trailer had jackknifed at the toll booth, 9 miles ahead and no one could move. The Thruway was closed for the next 14 hours, then a turn around was opened up 3 miles ahead of where Jim's bus was parked. By this time, all 46 runners realized there was no way they were getting to Lexington on time and even if they did, they would be in no condition to run so when they were turned around on the Thruway, they all decided to have the bus driver just continue on east and bring them all home. So I picked up Jim at 4:30 PM and he has some funny stories to tell of this adventure.

He got home in time to spend some more time with his family. We had a good Ponty's supper and have been playing Wii for a while. Hopefully, we'll get some Rock Band in tonight!

For the record, we did get a nice Christmas tree last Sunday. And now we are really glad we did that when we did because this weekend will be much colder than last weekend.

Tomorrow is my spinning guild meeting and I am looking forward to going as it has been a very long time since I was in town for that meeting. Tomorrow night we will go to a RIT hockey game.

Hope all is well.

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Tucker said...

I'm a big fan of Corey's color coordination with the crocks and sport coat! He is truly at the cutting edge of fashion!