Monday, November 30, 2009

Rock and Roll in Albany

Jim and Corey made a quick trip to Albany on Saturday to see a Phish concert. After the concert they drove up to Jenny Lake to spend the night. It was a beautiful Jenny Lake day when they got up on Sunday morning. Here are a few photos from their brief adventure.

I stayed home and got some work done around the house. Next week Jeannie, Mark, Britni, Michal, and Elizabeth are coming into town to help celebrate Grandpa's 93rd birthday. They will be staying at our house so that was a great excuse to rearrange the boys' rooms and make room for more guests. So, while Corey was home he helped us move the twin bed that matches his twin bed from Tucker's room into his room. This involved cleaning up, which Corey did without too much resistance and a bit of help from us. I then bought a new double bed which will go in Tucker's room ( or the Yarn Room, as it is now known!). I spent a great deal of time going through the closet and throwing away stuff in there as well as moving several boxes of Tucker's stuff to the basement. I figure that stuff is one step closer to the trash barrels and when Tucker is home at Christmas he can go through all that stuff and decide what he wants to save and what can be thrown out. I also moved some furniture around and took the small desk to the garage. I will try to sell that on Craigslist. I have now cleared out a space big enough to accommodate the new bed that gets delivered on Wednesday evening. I think this new arrangement of both rooms will make our house more user-friendly for guests, so book a room now! We'd love to see you. We may even turn up the heat while you are here!

The wildlife is taking over the grounds around my school. This morning the staff received an e-mail saying that coyotes had been spotted on our athletic fields and to be aware if you are coming into or leaving school when it is dark! Later in the day we received another e-mail letting us know that the district had hired some "goose wranglers" to deal with the ever-growing problem of the Canadian Geese in our fields. These wranglers are some guys who bring their labrador retrievers to the fields and let them run free. I guess that discourages the geese from getting too comfortable on our school grounds. Apparently this is a problem at many of the schools in the district because the memo was originally sent to all the principals. I wonder if there are "coyote wranglers" we should look into hiring too!

Now that the cold weather is upon us, Jim is volunteering at a local men's shelter tonight. Our church provides coverage for this shelter a couple of times a month and give usually goes once every 6 weeks.

Speaking of cold weather, snow is in the forecast! Not much accumulation is forecasted, but snow none-the-less. The weatherman predicted bitter cold temps for next week so all you southerners who are coming north next week, you have been warned!

We received some good news yesterday and that is that Jim, Maryanne and Zach are coming here for Christmas. They will arrive a couple of days before the big day and stay until a couple of days after. It will be great to see them!

Hope all is well.

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