Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Utah Trip

Here is a photo story of Jim's and Corey's trip to see Tucker in Utah.

Their adventure started with a 2-day trip on the San Juan river. 

Allison, Corey, Tucker and Kellem

There was belated birthday celebration for Corey on the river, reminicent of many birthday celebrations for Corey and Sally on our Memorial Day canoe trips.

When Tucker had to go to work on Monday morning, Jim and Corey headed for Arches National Park and hiked to 62 of the more than 2,000 arches in the Park.

After Arches, it was on to Fisher Towers and more unique rock formations.

Outside of Canyonlands NP, they stopped at Newspaper Rock to get the latest headlines!

A Canyonlands hike to the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers.

On to Druid Arch in Canyonlands. 

Back to Bluff, UT for a hike on Comb Ridge, Tucker's "office!"

They thought of me and brought back many desert flower photos. I love yellow cactus.

You know you are in rural Utah when they herd the cattle right down the middle of the road!

A hike up Centennial Peak in the San Juan National Forest.

Corey, talking to the alpacas at the Dolores River Days Festival.

A good time was had by all. Watch for more beautiful photos in future entries.

Tucker called tonight to tell us about a huge sting operation that went down in a little town north of Bluff, busting all the people who steal "antiquities" from the archaeological sites in Utah. He said it may be an interesting time to be an archaeologist out there, where 22 people were arrested for "pot stealing." Apparently a similar bust happened in 1986 and it caused a great deal of unrest in that area. I encouraged him to keep a low profile.
Tomorrow is June 11th and it is my Mom's 80th birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! You make 80 look great! 

Hope all is well.

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