Friday, June 12, 2009

Field Day Follies

I awoke this morning, Field Day morning, to heavy, overcast skies and the threat of more rain to come. Various weather forecasters were predicting that the rain was  moving through and it was going to be a lovely day. So I arrived at school at 6:10 AM and started to get ready for all the activities. Various other staff people joined me and we all were convinced that the intermittent mist was going to  end real soon, so we took all the rain-proof equipment out to the fields. By 7:45 AM the rain appeared to have stopped so we got very serious about setting up about 35 different activity stations. The volunteers and kids arrived and things were looking good.

We started the day with a Flag Day Ceremony, led by the Music department.

Some classes made Tie-dyed shirts for Field Day.

The kids raced,

played with friends,

made enormous bubbles,

took batting practice,

and did some break dancing.

I declared the day a rousing success after the last large group performance of the Chicken Dance!
The weather ended up being perfect. There were over 70 parent volunteers, which are the reason we can do this event. Not one child had to go to the Quiet Room, which was a huge surprise to all of the staff. The kids did a great job, and went home happy and exhausted!

When I got home at 4:15 PM, I had 27,000 plus steps and was one tired PE teacher. I rested for a little while and then realized that I would probably feel a whole lot better if I took a shower and got cleaned up. That did the trick. 

Jim took me to dinner at The Garland House and we celebrated with a couple of beers while waiting for a table and then enjoyed a delicious meal.

It has been a great day.

Tomorrow is Spinning Guild!

Hope all is well.