Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy Saturday

9 PM and we just walked in the door from an afternoon and evening with Corey.

We started our morning by returning to Bert's Bike Shop in Henrietta with the intent for me to test ride a bike that was being brought from one of their Buffalo stores. Well, I rode it and I bought it!! Yippee~a new bike!! It is a Trek 4.5 Madone WSD (Women's Special Design) and because it is a 2008, it was in my price range! Here is a picture of the bike:
It is has a carbon-fiber frame, and components that make for very smooth shifting. Because it is a women's bike, the top tube is a bit shorter than on a man's bike, so I am not reaching as far for the handle bars. The brake grips are set closer to the bike to accommodate my smaller hands. My test ride was great fun and the bike felt so responsive and peppy!! I pick it up on Tuesday, after the mechanic has had a chance to check to see that everything is perfect. On Tuesday, the "fit specialist" will fit the bike to me, meaning adjusting the seat height, the length of the handbar stem and the angle of the handlebars. I can hardly wait to make the debut ride on the new bike! I guess it is time to sign up for that ride in Wisconsin this summer.

I mentioned that I got the bike at Bert's. Bert's is a Buffalo based bike shop that recently opened it's first store in Rochester. It has more bikes on display than any other bike shop in this area! It is a huge store and the service we got in the past 2 days was wonderful. Check it out if you are looking for a new bike.

Our time at Bert's was shorter than we planned so from Henrietta we headed west to Roberts Wesleyan College where some of Corey's teammates were running in a track meet. Specifically, we had hoped to see one of his apartment-mates, Mike, who was going to run the Steeple Chase. After getting lucky with finding a close parking spot, we walked over to the track and Jim looked across the track and saw Mike warming up. Amazingly enough we had arrived about 5 minutes before the starting gun went off for Mike's race! So we perched ourselves near the water jump (the only place to watch a Steeple Chase!) and cheered for Mike, who won the race!

We talked to another team member, got a recommendation for a restaurant in Syracuse and returned to our car. As we were driving away from the college, we saw Mike doing his cool-down run, so we pulled over to talk for a minute. 

We then headed east to Syracuse to spend the afternoon and evening with Corey. The 3 of us went to the Syracuse vs. Rutgers lacrosse game, which SU won easily.

I do enjoy watching lacrosse~it is fast, with lots of action and it takes a lot of skill to play well. Dinner was at Dominic's restaurant, an Italian place that was very reasonably priced. We all brought home part of our over-sized, but delicious dinners. 

We had an uneventful drive home, listening to knitting podcasts the whole way! So it has been a good day.

Jim and Maw got home from their trip to Michigan late yesterday afternoon and although there was a sad reason to make the trip, they enjoyed seeing lots of the Scheafer family clan. Now here is a photo that Jeannie took of Maw while they were all staying at Bob and Joanie's house on Thursday night. 

I don't ever recall seeing Maw with a beer, but that is the power of Bob!

Tomorrow is Easter and I wish you all a Happy Easter. I hope this day fills you with the sense of hope and a feeling of renewal.

Hope all is well. 

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