Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where Did Everyone Go?

Jim and Maw left for Michigan this morning and my parents left for Pennsylvania! I've been abandoned!

Jim and his mother are going to the Battle Creek area for a memorial service for Maw's brother, Clarence, who passed away a month or so ago. They will be back on Friday. Mom and Dad are visiting Jim, Maryanne and Zach through Easter Sunday. 

After school today I had a dentist appointment to start the process of having one of my teeth capped. A couple of weeks ago when I went to the dentist because a piece of my tooth broke off, he gave me the bad news that that particular tooth had been filled before and with this piece off, it could not be filled again, but needed to be capped. He warned me that as he ground down the tooth for capping he may determine that I need a root canal before the capping. Fortunately, at this time, that doesn't seem to be the case. I was at the dentist's office for about an hour and came home with a numb mouth and feeling very tired. I guess all that stress and tension is exhausting. I feel better now. So, I have a temporary cap and will get the permanent cap in 3 weeks. 

The full- or almost full moon is spectacular tonight. Did you see it? 

Tomorrow is another night at the hospital gift shop. 

It sounds like Corey may be in town on Saturday because some of his teammates are running in a track meet at one of our colleges here. He says that the guys hope to get garbage plates at Steve T.'s while they are here!

Hope all is well.

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