Thursday, April 16, 2009

Biking to Work!

In spite of temps just above freezing these past 2 mornings, I have ridden my new bike to school! What a great way to start the day. And I love my bike. It has such a smooth ride and the gears shift seamlessly from one to another. Here is a photo taken just before my debut ride on Wednesday morning.

Jim is getting ready for his trip to Princeton, NJ tomorrow. Corey is running tomorrow night at Princeton University and Jim decided to make the trip to see him run. We are happy that Corey is getting a chance to race again, after being sick for so long. He did come down with the cold that his apartment-mate had, but he says he is getting over that. So, send silent cheers to Corey tomorrow night around 9 PM. Jim is taking his camera, so hopefully he'll get some blog-worthy photos! Jim is also taking some Snickerdoodles, that I am making as I type!

Here is a photo of the recently completed baby blanket I knit. The shower is in a couple of weeks, so I am good to go.

We have had a lovely stretch of weather that should continue into the early weekend. The early spring flowers are blooming and things are greening up.

Hope all is well.

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