Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This and That

First, Tucker is back in the USA. And he told me not to worry about him~he says he feels more threatened driving in Denver than he ever did in Mexico! He had a great trip and shared some wonderful adventure stories, with promises of some photos for this blog! 

Second, Corey went back to SU today and who can blame him! Jim and I go to work all day and Corey's high school friends are not home for spring break this week, so his days were not real exciting. But back at school he can hang with his teammates and make his own fun. So, Corey it was good to see you for a few days and we were glad you could be here for Bob's party.

Speaking of Bob's party, I wanted to show you a picture of the gift I made for Bob. A little history first. For many years, whenever we went on a canoe trip with Bob and family, Bob wore this red and blue striped swimsuit, 24/7! We watched it fade over the years, but it was an apparent favorite of Bob's so it showed up in our photos for years. Then one day Sally dropped off a big bag of clothes that we were donating to a school group and there on the top of the pile, were the striped shorts. Well, after Sally left, we took those shorts out of the bag, knowing that someday we'd be glad to have them. We didn't know when or for what use, but we knew that there would come a time when we could use those shorts. Well, the time came with Bob's 60th birthday! I got a journal type book and covered it with some of the fabric from the shorts. I put the back pocket zipper on the back of the journal, to hold a pen or pencil and I used the waist belt as a carry handle along the spine of the book.  On the inside of the front cover we included a photo of Bob wearing the swim shorts  on one of our canoe trips. I think he liked the book and seemed pleasantly surprised to see that his shorts lived on!!! See the photo below.

I've been volunteering at the hospital gift shop for the past 3 Monday nights and my trainer has declared that I am now ready to go solo. Right now I am going to be working the evening shift for two Thursdays a month. Here are a couple of photos of the gift shop. 

I guess that is all for now. 

Hope all is well. 

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