Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Madness of March Begins

If you don't like college basketball, you may want to take a short break from reading this blog because I love the March Madness of college basketball and my entries may include my highs and lows as I follow the games to the crowning of the NCAA champion. Just to get things off to a wild and crazy start, SU played in that marathon game on Thursday night into Friday morning, as they beat UConn, one of the top ranked teams in the country. I did not watch the whole game, a move I regret now, because it was a game that would have justified a tired day at school. I did stay up and watch SU play last night, but that win only required one overtime period, instead of the 6 it took to beat UConn. SU plays for the Big East Championship tonight and we will watch on the computer.

Last night we went to another RIT hockey game and they are now in the playoffs. Last night's game was the first game in the best of 3 series against Holy Cross and RIT lost. They play again tonight and if they win, the third game will be on Sunday night. In our contiuing search for our favorite seats at the Ritter Arena on the RIT campus, we sat to the right of the "home" goal,  in the first row of seats, next to the glass. These were good seats, but most of the goals happened at the other end of the rink. Here are a couple of photos from last night's game.

These spirit sticks were being given away at the hockey game, so we got our pair and maybe will get to use them if there is a game on Sunday night.

Going to the hockey game was a last minute decision as was our activity today: to attend a 6 hour defensive driving course, to reduce our auto insurance costs. We had a quite a chuckle as we drove out of our driveway, on our way to the defensive driving course, and could only see out of a small defrosted part of the windshield! The class was worthwhile as both Jim and I learned a couple of things and were reminded of things we already knew, but maybe had not thought about in awhile. The course was taught by a retired Rochester Police officer and he had some interesting stories to share. This class was held at Aquinas Institute, a school that I have never visited so we got a chance to walk the halls on our breaks and explore their new sports complex, built with Wegmans money. I was intrigued by this sign on the fence by the stadium.
While at the driving class, I got a fair amount of knitting done on the baby blanket project. I noticed that the teacher for whom this blanket is intended, is looking very pregnant, so I'm feeling a bit of pressure to get it done. I haven't heard about a baby shower for her yet, but I'm sure it will be happening in the near future.  I also got some spinning done this afternoon, as I continue to experiment to find the best way to spin this one particular fiber for the pattern that I have in mind. 

So I guess that is all for now.

Hope all is well and GO 'CUSE!

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