Saturday, March 7, 2009


"Surprise!" is the cheer that greeting our friend, Bob, as he entered our living room last night. We hosted a surprise 60th birthday party for Bob at our house and I think he was truly surprised!
A couple of months ago Sally said that she and Liz were thinking about doing this party for Bob and wondered if it could be at our house. That sounded like a good idea to us. Friday was the start of Corey's spring break so he came home for the party (seeing as Bob is his mentor!) and coming to visit Corey was a perfectly normal thing for Bob, Sally and Liz to do on a Friday night. What was not normal were the 11 other people that were waiting in our living room to celebrate this milestone with Bob. 

There was lots of good conversation and good food. Bob's favorite desserts were served, chocolate cake, grape pie, and cookies, and we all shared a lot of laughs. 

So that is how our weekend started, and after a very late night last night, we tried to sleep in this morning, but Jim and I are not very good at that anymore. 

Today we had both sets of grandparents here for lunch and a chance to see Corey. Ponty's provided our lunch and I added a fruit salad and a selection of desserts leftover from last night! We enjoyed our time together.

A chunk of our afternoon was spent watching college basketball and we are getting into the meat of the college season. March Madness will be upon us in no time and I love March Madness. I watched Syracuse upset Marquette today~ it was a good time for SU to come up with a big win. 

I did some spinning, well, really plying,  this afternoon and have another skein of yarn to show for my efforts. 

I had to rip out about 6 rows of knitting on the sleeves of Jim's sweater because they were not long enough. Now you may be thinking, why would you rip out rows if they were too short and that is a good question. The rows I ripped out were for the arm hole shaping and I need to add the extra length before I do that shaping. I think I need to add about 4 inches to each sleeve. I got a start on that tonight. We rented some Jesse James movie and I have been knitting and blogging as that is on the TV.

A short, but intense thunder and lightning storm just rolled through with some heavy rain! 

We ate dinner at Chinatown Restaurant tonight and had a good meal~we've never been disappointed with that place. 

Not too much planned for tomorrow, just the usual Sunday stuff~church, grocery shopping, and ironing. And there is a good college basketball game on at 4, so I hope to have my chores done by then so I can watch. 

Hope all is well. 

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