Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost the Weekend

Check out these photos. Jim and I went ice skating at Canal Ponds before going to work this morning!! Skating at sunrise~a great way to start a day.

The ice is at Canal Ponds, on the J& J property. Jim looked out his window at lunch yesterday and saw some guys on the ice playing hockey, jumped up, ran to the car, drove home, got his skates and went for a quick skate. When he was telling me about this we realized that with the high temps predicted for today that the ice was not going to last. So we got up and out early this AM and were skating by 7 AM!

Corey comes home this weekend for a few days of his spring break. He won't stay for more than a couple of days because he needs to be back on campus where the action is! Gram and GrandDad are driving over to Syracuse to pick him up. 

I did my second training session at the hospital gift shop and all went well. One of my students came into the shop with her grandmother because her mother is in the hospital. That little girl sure looked confused about seeing me at the hospital!

We got an e-mail from Tucker saying that he was on his way home from Mexico, but did not expect to be back in the country until March 9th. He and Duane were going to take their time driving back, stopping to fish and to hike. I will be glad to have him back in the old USA, especially with the news stories I have heard about the violence in Mexico. Now that violence is with the drug traffickers, but innocent people have found themselves in bad situations. So I will be glad to hear he is back on America soil.

More later. . .

Hope all is well.

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