Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Update

Here is Sunday afternoon and it has been very relaxing. And the reason for this relaxation is that I have tomorrow off for Martin Luther King Day! 

So what have we been up to? We've been to 2 big sporting events~an RIT hockey game on Friday night and to SU for their big basketball win over Notre Dame! The hockey game was fun and the RIT team pulled out a win in the last few minutes of play. We got to the game early enough to get seats, good ones, but we decided we could see more of the rink when were standing along the railing. I took my knitting with me and got some progress made on a pair of toe-up socks that I started a long time ago. I only knit before the game started and between the periods. 

Yesterday we left home shortly after 9 AM and drove to SU. We took a slightly longer route to get to Corey's apartment, but it saved us a lot of time because the traffic for the game was backed up onto Interstate 81. So we circled around the city and came into Corey's place on the back roads. We unloaded a bit of food and some clothes that Corey had left at home and then walked to Manley Field House where we picked up a shuttle bus to take us to the Carrier Dome. SU does a great job of moving people to and from the games, so it is not a problem parking at Corey's apartment and getting to the game. SU was playing Notre Dame, another Big East team and there were over 30,000 excited fans at the game.

Our seats were way up high in Dome and were not as bad as we had feared. Here is the view we had.

The energy level was super high, especially since SU took an early lead and ended up crushing the Irish, 93-74. We saw some great plays and were impressed with the 3-point shooting of Notre Dame.

After the game we went back to Corey's apartment, before heading out for a short walk to the water towers for a nice over-view of the city. It was a cold walk, so we were glad it was a short one.

We tried a new place for dinner and we were joined by one of Corey's friends, Curtis. The restaurant, Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse, was a nice place and we all had a good meal.

We dropped Corey back at his place and then headed home. I got really tired on the way home, surprisingly tired. Once home, I couldn't keep my eyes opened, and went to bed at 9:00 PM.

My tiredness is explained by the cold I seemed to have caught. My symptoms right now are a runny nose and fatigue. Hopefully it won't develop into anything more. 

I got some spinning and plying done this afternoon while watching the football. Once we know who is playing in the Super Bowl, I will put a poll up on this blog and you can vote for your team. 

By the way, boys, we moved the TV back into the corner and it works well there. We can now get Channel 13's digital broadcast.

I got a couple of inches knitting done on the front piece of Jim's sweater. I'll work some more on that tonight.

Jim has a busy week and probably won't be home much for dinner this week. A world-wide meeting that he has attended in Europe in the past is being held here in Rochester this week. So he has dinner meetings and social gatherings some of the evenings. 

I guess that is all for now.

Hope all is well.

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