Thursday, December 4, 2008

Report from the Sick Ward

Jim is still sick. He stayed home from work on Tuesday and Wednesday and went in for a while this morning, came home for a nap and then went back for a late afternoon meeting. When he went to see the doctor on Tuesday, she gave him a prescription for an antibiotic with instructions to wait until today to have it filled if he wasn't feeling better. He had the thing filled on his way home from work today. Three pills-$54! They had better work! We did go for a walk around the block after dinner tonight because he needed to move a bit and wanted some fresh air. Hopefully he will turn the corner on this thing in the very near future. Of course I am hoping that I don't catch it!

Today was a Parent/Teacher conference day at school and I got a lot of desk work done and sat in on 2 conferences. Tomorrow is the second P/T conference day and it will be my cleaning day. I plan to dig out our equipment room and vacuum the dust bunnies, which are threatening to take over the place. It will be very quiet at school because if teachers have all their conferences done by today, they do not have to come in tomorrow. Most teachers have been at school every night this week accommodating the many parent requests for evening conferences. 

I have recently purchased two new Christmas albums. The first one is Sheryl Crow's holiday CD, entitled Home for Christmas. The second one is Faith Hill's CD Joy to the World. Both are nice additions to my collection.  I was able to listen to snippets of Faith Hill's songs on iTunes, and it didn't sound too "country" so I bought it and it is very easy to listen to. I got Sheryl Crow's CD at a local Hallmark store-I don't know where else it may be available. So if you are looking for something new for the holiday season I can recommend either or both of these CD's.

One morning recently, I was treated to this view out of my kitchen window:

I started knitting again and I think my elbows feel better. I know that in the next few weeks there will be no large blocks of knitting time so maybe I can avoid sore elbows in the future. 

Time to watch The Office.

Hope all is well.

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