Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Historic Event

Jim stayed home from work today because he is sick and that is a rare event. Jim has been fairly healthy for a long time. Even when one of the boys or I brought home "school" germs, Jim seemed to have the immune system to shut them out, but something got to him and he has a whopper of a cold with an occasional fever, ranging from 95.9 to 101.7 degrees, and a sore throat. Corey, Dad thought you might be interested in the temperature data! He even went to the doctor's office today to get a strep test. The quick strep test came back negative, but they did the 24 hour test and will get the results of that in a day or so. Jim may not have gone to the doctor's but he has a big race in 11 days and really wants to be healthy for it. He may even stay home tomorrow too (doctor's orders). Hopefully a couple days of laying low will work wonders on him. 

I am not knitting for a couple of days because my elbows started to ache a bit last night and I realized it may be from all the knitting I did over the Thanksgiving break. Hopefully this short break from the needles will get me back to normal. 

Guess that is all for now. Maybe I'll start our Christmas cards.

Hope all is well. 

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Joanie said...

It must be the year of miracles! Bob, who never stays home from school, was home for 1 day a couple weeks ago. I'm wondering if being healthy for the hunt was an incentive?