Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Fun

As the Gulf Coast awaits another terrible hit from a hurricane, we are fortunate enough to have enjoyed a beautiful, late summer day. It looks and sounds like people in the potential path of Gustav are getting out and relief efforts are ready and waiting as opposed to being reactionary this time around. We'll be watching the news closely in the next couple of days to see the developments with Gustav.

Our big activity today was canoeing with Bob and Sally. We put the canoe on the van, for the last time (!) and drove to their house. Bob and Jim carried the canoes to Cranberry Pond, while Sally and I followed along with the paddles and life jackets. We spent the next 2.5 hours canoeing around Cranberry Pond, into Long Pond (under a really low bridge), up the inlet of Long Pond and then back to our starting point. It was a lovely day to be on the water. We saw lots of great blue herons, some ducks, turtles, little green herons, minnows, gulls and swans, There were some pretty flowers along the narrow water trail up the inlet and our solitude was only minimally interrupted by a few motor boats on Long Pond. 

After our portage back to B & S's house we all piled in the van for a lunch trip to Schallers. As usual, we had a nice lunch. After lunch, we returned to B & S's so Sally could use my swift and ball winder to wind a bunch of her yarn from skeins into balls. Jim and Bob sat out by the lake solving the world's problems. It was a fun time all around.

For dinner, Jim grilled salmon and we ate on the patio. We hope to eat outside again tomorrow.

I finished a baby sweater I was knitting for a couple of family friends who are having a baby girl in October. I am quite please with how this sweater turned out and would use the pattern again if I wanted to knit for a baby girl. I think the lacy look is better suited for a girl. See the photo below. 

Corey sent us this photo of his new tent, set up in the living room of his apartment. He called us to tell us all about it and it seems like a great tent at a great price. We wish him many happy years of camping in it.

Hope all is well.

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