Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Let the Games Begin

The gym is all set,
the bulletin board's all made.
The class lists are typed, 
the new equipment is put away.
The lesson plans are in place, 
the gym floor is all shiny.
My sneakers are new, 
my lunch is made. 
It's early September and 
we're ready to go.

Let the games begin!

Jim picked up his new car last night and he is quite pleased with it. I had my chance to drive it tonight and it was very comfortable and easy to drive. Here is a photo of Jim and his new set of wheels! 

We went out to dinner at Mr. Dominic's, down by the beach, using a gift certificate that one of my students gave me at the end of June. We had a nice meal.

Rochester has been have a great stretch of weather, beautiful blue skies and temps in the low 80's! How much longer it will continue is anybody's guess.

Last week I read in the Obituaries that my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Ed Kolb died. I have him to thank for being pretty good at my multiplication tables. He used to call each of his students into the hall, open up a math book to a page of multiplication problems, and say, "Go!" We had one minute to get through the page. If we made it, we didn't have to do it again, if we got an answer wrong, or went over the time limit, our name would be called again in the future for another chance! 

Time to get some rest before Opening Day! 

Hope all is well.