Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Car!

After Jim did lots of research, we went car shopping today and bought a 2009 Pontiac Vibe. It has a 2.4 liter engine with 5-speed manual transmission and is silver in color. The sale is contingent on the dealership being able to install cruise control. No cruise control, no sale. If all goes as planned, we will pick up the new car on Tuesday evening. 

Jim liked the Vibe because of the amount of cargo area behind the front seats and the gas mileage. We took test drives in both the 2.4 liter engine car and the 1.8 liter engine car, but wanted/needed some of the features that came on the 2.4 car. So we sacrificed some mpg's for a bit more power and options. The Vibe is the same as a Toyota Matrix (they are both made at the same factory in California), but the Vibe has a better warranty, is a bit cheaper and comes with 3 months of XM Radio and a one-year subscription to OnStar. So we went with the Vibe. 

The weather has been perfect today and this weather pattern is supposed to continue through the long weekend and into the start of school. I was at school yesterday for a few hours trying to get some planning done so I was ready for my student teacher. All staff will report to school on Tuesday with the kiddies arriving on Thursday. 

This morning we walked over to the Farmer's market at the Mall. As I said, it was a beautiful morning and the selections at the market were hard to resist! Here is a photo of all the good stuff we brought home. You may notice that there are no tomatoes in the photo and that is because Grandma and Grandpa are supplying us with as many fresh- picked ones whenever I want them! They are delicious! In the photo, there is a bag of yellow waxed beans behind the radishes.

I've spent a lot of time today typing up my class lists on a nice grid sheet and in a large font so I can see the names without my reading glasses. 

Speaking of reading glasses, I went to a new eye doctor yesterday and he said I just needed stronger reading glasses and that my eyes were in good shape for a person of my age! 

Tomorrow we are going canoeing with Bob and Sally. We will probably paddle in one of the ponds near their house unless they come up with a better idea. 

I talked to both Tucker and Corey today. Corey was watching Syracuse lose their opening football game, which may mean another long football season for the Orange. Tucker was at the Pagosa Springs Music Festival and having a good time with some of his college friends. 

Hope all is well.

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