Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last Day of Teaching

Today was my last day of teaching for this school year! Yippee! Tomorrow the kids come for the morning and then we work the afternoon and Friday morning before being set free for the summer! When I look back on this school year I enjoyed some of the new activities I taught, but there seems to be more emotional/behavioral issues with our kids. But I don't have to worry about that for a couple of months.

In honor of summer vacation I painted my toenails. I can put away my sneakers and break out my sandals!

Tomorrow night I am attending a retirement party for 2 of the teachers at school. I was part of the planning committee and the party is shaping up to be a good time. One of the retiring teachers is a vocal music teacher and for part of the entertainment, I re-wrote the words to our school song so they roasted the music teacher. It should get a few laughs as chorus of about a dozen teachers sings the song.

Here is a knitting photo. It shows the progress I have made so far on the re-start of my Pi Shawl. This time I am putting in "lifelines" so if I mess up on a row, I can rip back to a lifeline and easily pickup stitches in a row that I know is correct.

Corey is sleeping at the Lock tonight as a time and gas saving measure. He had to work until 8 tonight and had to be back there at 8:30 tomorrow morning so he decided to try sleeping in one of the storage trailers. We'll see how that works out for him.

Hope all is well.


Tucker said...

I see Corey is really starting to embrace the dirtbag lifestyle! haha

Joanie said...

Your brother Bob is proud of your compositional skills; good job!