Friday, April 18, 2008

Paddling the Pocomoke

The day dawned sunny and clear and we were off for a morning of canoeing on the Pocomoke River, right in our backyard. Actually, we walked about 100 yards from the front yard of our B&B to the outfitter, who drove us about 5.5 miles upstream, unloaded a canoe from his trailer, gave us a couple of paddles and lifejackets and pushed us off into the dark water of the Pocomoke. This river flows through a wooded swamp with many cyprus trees and cyprus knees. The first half of the river was twisty and turny with some downed trees that we needed to limbo under. We saw lots of geese, cormorants, herons and turtles. The only other competition on the water was another canoer and a guy in a motor boat with his kids. We paddled down to our B&B, pulled the canoe up on the lawn where the outfitter will get it at his convenience. 

We got on the road to Washington, DC about 12:15 PM and arrived at the TownSuites hotel at 3:45. We followed the directions on our GPS and in hindsight, it probably would have been faster to take the beltway around the city instead of Rt. 50 right through the middle of town. Oh well, we made it and I got some good knitting time in as we crawled through downtown traffic. 

We drove to Liz's new apartment and 
were glad to see where she is now living. It is a great place and she has arranged the furniture to maximize the space she has. We went to dinner at a pizza place that cooks the pizzas in a wood-fired oven and we each had a great pizza. Bob and Sally, this is your favorite place, right??

After dinner we drove to the National Mall and walked around for a while. We visited the new World War II monument, which was both beautiful and impressive. 
Liz is a good tour guide and when she doesn't know an answer she very convincingly makes something up! We dropped Liz off at a party in the downtown area and then came back to the hotel. Thanks for showing us a good time, Liz.

Talked to Tucker briefly today and to Corey, last night. Tucker was hoping to get a lot of biking in this weekend and Corey was driving back from kayaking on the Salmon River.

We will head home tomorrow, seeing as Jim has to go to England on Sunday.

We've had a great trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. If you've never spent any time in this part of the country, put it on your Bucket List. 

Hope all is well.

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Anonymous said...

We do love that restaurant near Liz! Glad you enjoed it.