Monday, April 14, 2008

Maryland Monday

Today we got sunny weather, but still pretty cool. It is supposed to warm up to the 60's and 70's as the week progresses. 

This morning we had a delightful breakfast at this B & B. We started with a wedge of watermelon and that was followed with blueberry pancakes and bacon. This place apparently always serves dessert with breakfast so we ended the meal with their signature pound cake with fresh strawberries. After that meal, we were ready to ride. 

Our bike ride today was a loop trip of 36 miles. We rode into the town of Easton, on a pretty busy road,  and then moved onto some back roads which provided easy riding. We rode to the town of Oxford right around noon and decided we had burned off those pancakes and went looking for a place to get some lunch. As the local church bells played a carillon of familiar hymns we followed some signs to the town's resturants, only to find them closed. We asked a local woman who was out for a walk and she said most places weren't open on Monday's for lunch because it wasn't the big tourist season yet. We ended up at the Oxford Market and bought 2 tasty deli sandwiches, which hit the spot. 

After our lunch, we rode to the ferry dock for our short ferry ride to Bellevue, MD. Because it was early in the season, we were the only folks on the boat! About 10 years ago, I brought the boys to the Eastern Shore with Bob and Liz. One of the things we did was a similar, but shorter bike ride that included this ferry trip. As I remember, the kids were not too thrilled with the bike ride, but did enjoy the ferry. 

We got back to St. Michael's in the early afternoon. We toured the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum which was very educational to us landlubbers. We were able to walk to the top of the lighthouse that was on-site, and particularly enjoyed the building dedicated to how the Bay transitioned from a working Bay to a Bay for play.

Walked around the town for a bit before returning to the B&B. We ate dinner at the Town Dock restaurant and had a good meal. 

Tomorrow we leave St. Michael's, and will head south for a bike ride around a wildlife refuge. From there we will go east, to our next B&B in Snow Hill, MD.

Hope all is well.

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coreyrob said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun! Good to hear!