Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Time

Happy Birthday, Tucker! Twenty-three years ago, on a beautiful Easter Sunday morning, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and we named him Tucker. I never knew how much love I could feel until I held him in my arms. Tucker, you have always made us proud and we wish we could be with you to give you birthday hugs! We are happy to know that you have wonderful friends who will celebrate this day with you.

To everyone else, I say, "Happy Earth Day!" Hopefully you did something today to make the earth a healthier planet. If not, it is not too late to do good tomorrow.

Jim is in Belgium, or maybe England. Not sure exactly when he was going from one country to the next. He will be home on Thursday, and then has no more plans for business trips.It will be nice to have him home for a while. 

Tonight was a yoga and rowing night and that is a nice combination. The yoga stretched me out nicely and I felt more limber as I rowed. It was a great night on the river and most of the time our boat had a good set so the rowing was awesome. It is no fun to row when the boat is tipping from side to side or is always listing towards one side, but that was not a problem tonight. 

This weekend we are going to Jenny Lake to help Gram and GrandDad open camp. G & G are going to pick-up Corey on their way to camp on Friday morning and then we will bring him back to SU on Sunday. We are looking forward to spending a weekend with him at camp. The fresh mountain air will be good for whatever ails him!

Our good weather continues and I hung two loads of wash outside before I went to school today. 

Here is one more photo from our time in Washington, DC with Liz. It was taken from inside the World War II monument, looking towards the Washington Monument. Notice that it was a beautiful, clear night, with the moon shining down on us. 

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Liz said...

That picture is beautiful!