Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Day at SU

Today we went to Syracuse with Bob and Sally to see an SU basketball game and visit with Corey. We left here in the sunshine at 9:30 AM and drove east on the Thruway, dealing with a couple of small snow squalls. We met Corey outside of the Carrier Dome and joined 26,000 other SU fans to cheer on the team. It was a great game, with Syracuse leading most of the game. They were up by 11 points with about 3 minutes left. They quickly blew that lead and were up by 4 with only a minute left. Then 2 quick mistakes by the young SU team and they lost the game. It was heartbreaking. Syracuse starts 2 freshman and 2 sophomores and we are hoping that in the next couple of years they can gain the experience to come out on the winning side of these close games. I bet they have lost 6 or 7 really close games in the last minutes this season, so hopefully with more maturity and experience, they can become a powerhouse team. There were some exciting plays that brought the crowd to its feet and we were glad to be in the house. 
We walked down to Marshall Street to one of the SU t-shirts stores to get a SU sticker for a friend. We then had a good walk back to the car at Manley. Since the game started at noon, we were out looking for a late lunch/early dinner at 3 or 3:30 PM. We went down to the Armory Square area and stopped into a store call The Hot Shop, where they sell 3000 different kinds of hot sauce. Corey and Sally each found and bought something that sounded good to them. This Hot Shop was a tiny shop with a bunch of small signs on the door indicating some rules and restrictions for coming into that shop. First off, you had to be 18 years old to go in. I soon discovered several hot sauce bottles shaped like naked bodies of men and women-scandalous! There were additional signs on the door stating that they don't do donations, give out change for the parking meters or have a public restroom.  Plus, you could not bring in your backpack! Fortunately, Corey left his backpack in the van and we all peed before we left the Carrier Dome! I asked the Hot Shop owner for a recommendation of a restaurant in the area and he directed us to the Empire Brew Pub, where we had a good dinner. Thank goodness, he didn't have a policy against making restaurant recommendatons! We all (except Corey) sampled their on-site brewed beer. It was good. 
I got a fair amount of knitting done in the car today and am nearing the end of the second Rockin' Sock Club sock. I should be able to finish it this weekend or early next week. Later in March, my school will have a week-long celebration of Dr. Seuss and one of the events is Crazy Sock Day. I hope to be able to wear these socks on that day. 

Tomorrow I have to deacon at church and then we are having Grandma and Grandpa here for dinner. I think I will cook Grandpa a pot roast.

Hope all is well. 

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