Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday's Notes

I posted this entry and 2 minutes later Corey sent us an e-mail with this photo of his new haircut! He decided he needed a change so the guy who is going to be one of his roommates next year played the role of barber. Leave me a comment about what you think of Corey's new 'do!
First a Sunday summary: We had a nice dinner with Grandma and Grandpa (pot roast, Grandpa loved it!). While they were here, I gave them a tour and demonstration of my spinning wheel. I think they were amazed that I could turn a mass of jumbled fibers into a fine yarn. But, I guess, I'm amazed sometimes too! We also showed them our San Diego photos which was fun for us. 

Last night I finished my Rockin' Sock Club socks and they are quite unique. The first sock I knit had these wonderful stripes, evenly spaced from the cuff to the toe. On my second sock, the colors and stripes started pooling just after I turned the heel. Couldn't figure out why, but keep knitting on because it had an interesting effect. When I went to start the toe decreases, I discovered my problem-I had 5 too many stitches after I finished the heel part! Who'd have guessed that 5 extra stitches could have such a dramatic effect on the self-patterning yarn. I figure that when I wear these socks my feet will be in shoes, so no one will see the different foot parts, and the cuff parts look the same. So, I learned something with this project and that is one of the many reasons I enjoy knitting. The next sock club sock kit arrives later this month so I'm feeling pretty good that  I'm not behind from the start!
Last night Aunt Terry called us to see if we were going to be home this Saturday. She and Kenn are coming this way for a quick visit before going on some college visits. They will be spending Saturday night with us, as Kenn is another grandson who is allergic to Grandpa's cats. I'll see if Grandma and Grandpa want to have dinner here on Saturday. It will be good to see Terry and Kenn.
We had a teasing taste of Spring here today, with temps reaching 67 degrees (I need to figure out how to do the degree symbol here so I don't have to type the word out-anybody with a Mac know how to do that?). The snow/ice in the driveway melted and there are flooding concerns in the area, not at our house though. Alas, tomorrow we return to typical March weather with snow, freezing rain, sleet, and rain in the forecast. Once again the weather guys are pretty hyped up for the potential with this winter storm, but they have gotten a reputation for blowing things like this way out of proportion. 

The town is getting ready to move on our storm sewer project. They have placed a pile of sewer pipes in the parking lot of the jewelry store behind us and we came home today to the 4 cement sewer connectors pictured below. They are on our neighbors' yard across the street, poised to be moved into our yard. A town engineer left a message on our machine today asking us to call him so he could update us on this project. 
We got news from the Lincoln University crew. The big news is that Uncle Jimmy got a job with a construction company and will be starting next Monday. Congratulations, Jim! We know that you will be an asset to that company. Zach is a good news/bad news kind of guy right now. He severely sprained his wrist while skiing (no doubt done while trying some high-flying hotdog move!!), but won a new Xbox 360 game system at a school fundraiser!
If your family has something of interest to share, just let me know and I will spread the word.

Hope all well.


coreyrob said...

alt/option + zero for the degree symbol

Amy Johnson said...

Megan says she likes the new haircut better. I think he looks too much older with the new 'do'! My question is, does Corey run faster now with less hair?!

Tucker said...

Who let a 12 year old into College?!?