Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to Work

After a wonderful week off it was back to work today. I had such a great week off and felt refreshed, that going back to school wasn't too bad. The kids seemed glad to be back, if not a bit tired, but overall it was a good day. I am doing some basketball skills with my classes and they love that, so I have very few motivation problems.

Yesterday was another sunny day here in Rochester and I went to the Tug Hill area of NYS at the east end of Lake Ontario to XC ski with Sally. This part of NY gets huge amounts of snow and as we were driving east out of Pulaski, it was like driving through a snow tunnel, the snow banks were so high.It is interesting to look at these snowbanks because the town uses what must be an enormous snow blower to cut a clean knife-edge along the edges of the road and you can clearly see the stratification of the various snow storms they have had since the last thaw. There was a good 15 inches of clean white snow on top of numerous lower layers. Digging out your car or mailbox must be quite an undertaking after a good storm.

But on to skiing, we went to the Salmon Hills Ski center and skied for about 2 hours on wonderfully groomed trails. Plus, it seemed like we had a private park-we saw very few other skiers. Apparently Saturday was the big ski day at this place and Sunday was their quiet day. We skied out to the farthest point and returned by a different route. It was a good day of skiing-a long drive for a couple of hours of skiing, but a good day none-the-less.

Here are 2 photos from our ski-one with Sally approaching Look-Out Point and the other looking out over the Salmon Reservoir. The snowmobilers use the frozen reservoir as a race course!

We watched a little bit of the Academy Awards, but since we only saw one movie that was up for something (Michael Clayton), we didn't know too many of the nominees.

I had a couple of guesses on the location of the walk that Jim and I took on Saturday. Corey knew where it was because it is a favorite running spot for him and Jim. It is an area behind Park Ridge (Unity) hospital where there is a levee. Nice spot.

There is a winter storm watch for tomorrow and Wednesday. So far this winter, the weather guys have over estimated the severity of the storms that have blown through, so I'm not holding my breath for this one either.

Hope all is well.

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