Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunny Saturday

A beautiful day here in Western New York. Jim and I went for a walk this afternoon and I am going to include two photos from the walk and if you would like to guess where we were walking, please do so in the comments. Tucker, you are excluded from participating since we told you when you called tonight, sorry!

I had my last spinning class this morning and we blended some fiber using hand carders and we "flicked" dyed locks which were then spun into yarn. There is a whole new vocabulary that goes with spinning and I learn more each class I attend and each book I read. I took a skein of yarn that I spun earlier this week in for "Show and Tell" at class and my instructor said she was going to enter my skein in the spinning contest (Novice category), at this year's Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! I guess I better not knit
anything up with that skein, in case she actually does it. My instructor gave me some hints on spinning the Icelandic sheep fiber that I bought in Iceland this past summer. It is a bit trickier to spin, but it is so soft that it will be worth the extra effort. I spent the second half of the afternoon spinning and  watching college basketball. 

Tonight we went to Odyssey to see the boys basketball team play Pembrook in the second round of the sectionals.  Odyssey was ahead by about 10 points for most of the game, but after 2 of the stronger players for Odyssey fouled out it, it came down to a 2 point game. Then Pembrook's star fouled out and Odyssey ended up winning by 5 or 6 points. 
It was a fun way to spend a Saturday evening. We sure didn't know too many people! The above photo is a bit dark, but in the upper right corner, you can see Corey's white State Championship banner! The Odyssey girls team plays their third round sectional game on Tuesday evening at the new Aquinas sports complex so we may go to cheer on the team and to check out the new facility. 

As I mentioned, Tucker called tonight and is having a good time in Portland with his friend Kellem. They have been sightseeing from bicycles because the weather has been so good. Kellem has a gig tomorrow night, which Tucker is looking forward to. Kellem is a great fiddle player and is part of a band, so I'm sure Tucker will be hearing some great music. 

Corey runs tomorrow afternoon in the Big East Indoor Track Meet in NYC. Jim discovered that the meet is being streamed on the internet, as a pay-per-view program. So, he signed up and watched parts of the track meet today, using "Neighbor" Net! He'll sign in again tomorrow with Corey's race being one of the last of the meet. Run fast, Corey!

I am going XC skiing with Sally tomorrow at a place called Salmon Hills at the east end of Lake Ontario, where there is a ton of snow. Hopefully, we'll have another sunny day.
One thing I have noticed since coming home from San Diego is that the cars in San Diego are all clean and shiny, which is not the case here in Rochester. I want to see shiny, clean cars again (including the Beetle, which desperately needs a wash!).

Hope all is well. 


Liz said...

Were you hiking in the park at the corner of English Rd. and Fetzner Rd.? The snow looks pretty!

coreyrob said...

I know where it is. I won't spoil it for everyone else though.