Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yak Yarn Update

I know you all have been wondering, "What happened with the yak yarn?" so here is the update with photos. Sally completed the washing and drying process and brought the yarn over this afternoon. We weighed it, swifted it, measured it, divided it, and put it through the ball winder (balled it???)  and we ended up with 4 "cakes" of yarn weighing in at a total of 1 pound and 4 ounces . Sally weighed it before we started the washing process and we figure that we lost about a quarter of a pound of dirt and other unmentionable material. The yarn is soft and clean smelling. It is a 2 ply yarn that still has some kinks or twists in it. We each have about 160 yards, give or take 20 yards. Even with all the time we put into cleaning and swifting it, the $12 Bob paid for it still seems like quite a bargain. I don't know what I will make with my yardage, I want to think about how best to use it, plus there are quite a few projects ahead of yak yarn. So here is a public thanks to Bob for getting this yarn. It is quite a story and because of its Tibetan origins, I pay more attention to the news coming from Tibet.

Pretty quiet day at school today - no police, no drug deals and only one suspension. It is report card time so all my planning time and lunch time and before and after school time is spent entering grades on the electronic report cards and then writing comments. 

I finished the second baby hat and now need to knit the cute curly-Q's that go on the top. The shower is next Friday so I should be able to have both hats completed and wrapped up for the party.

Speaking of party, tomorrow night Jim and I are going to a Fall Party with some of my colleagues from school. Jim will probably be bored out of his mind with all that "teacher talk", but I know there are other spouses going so maybe they can form some kind of support group for each other!

Saturday we are off to Syracuse for Parent's Weekend and we are going to the football game with Corey. Maybe the football team can get their act together and pull an upset win over the University of South Florida. I'll post pictures. 

I'm glad to know that I am not the only one enjoying Dancing with the Stars. I am rooting for Jennie and Derek to win. I think he is a great choreographer.

Hope all is well.

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