Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gotta Love the Weekends!

Our stay at Turning Stone Casino and Resort was very nice. This morning we got up at what we thought was 8 AM and then realized it was only 7!! So we had a leisurely breakfast at the casino and then I went back to the slot machines and made a $20 donation to the Indian nation! So I came home ahead by $53.50. 

Jim's race course was about 1 mile from the casino so it was an easy drive to get there. While Jim did his warm-up I sat in the car and read a ton of paperwork for a committee I am on at church to develop a Sexual Misconduct policy for the church. 

Jim ran a good race and his team of Veteran Men won their race. I was the race photographer and took over 100 photos. It was a good day for a race, cool and overcast. It didn't start to rain until we started to drive home, and that was just a short rain shower. 

We stopped at Eastview Mall to return a gift to Pottery  Barn. With gas over $3 a gallon, we decided this was the most efficient way to get to Pottery Barn without making a special trip.

The Buffalo Bills won today and so did the Patriots! Yipee!

Grandpa is going to the cardiologist on Monday (if he can get an appointment). He has become very short of breathe lately and had some difficulty breathing on Saturday while taking the trash outside. Maw took him to the doctor, they ran some tests and sent him to the Emergency Room. The ER ran some more tests and didn't find anything to alarm them, so they sent him home and told him to see his cardiologist. Stay tuned for that update.

We talked to Tucker today. He called while we were at Jim's race. He had been mountain biking and it sounded like great fun. The Utah weather continues to be delightful for his survey/field work. 

Hope all is well. 

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