Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mid-week update

Here it is a cold, dreary Tuesday. No snow here but cold rain with more on the way. I believe some areas south of here got their first snow.

Did you vote? This wasn't a major election but the number of messages on my answering machine got to an annoying level. Everyday when I got home last week, there were at least 3 long messages about how I should be voting for some amendment, followed by another message about not voting for that amendment. I hit "delete" pretty quickly. I wish political calls were covered by the National Do Not Call list. I guess the only good things about the calls being on my machine were that I was not at home to have to get up and answer the phone when it rang with these computer calls. 

At school today I found out that a drug bust was made the other day at our school. The bust was on two first graders! Yes, that is first graders. Apparently one student brought his parent's bag of pot to school to show his friends. The next day another boy brought his
parent's bag of pot to compare! The police were called and both boys were suspended. Who knows what will happen to the parents. Never a dull moment at my school. 

I went to a yoga class at the gym at Jim's work. It was pretty good and I will try to go back next Tuesday. Last year Greece Continuing Education offered a yoga class right at my school, a half hour after school ended one day a week and that was perfect. That class is not being offered anymore. This new class is free though, so it will be a fine replacement.  

Grandpa Update: Grandpa has an appointment with the cardiologist on Friday. We'll let you know the outcome of that.

The photo with this entry is from our trip to Utah this past April. It is a famous pictograph called Procession Panel and is most impressive after a spectacular hike.

I have to watch the Results Show for Dancing with the Stars. Anyone else watching that show? I started watching it about a month ago and love the dances! I knit through all the talk, and drop the needles when the dancing starts. It looks like such fun to me. 

Guess that's all for now. Leave me a comment with what is going on with you.

Hope all is well. 


Elizabeth said...

I am watching Dancing with the Stars! I tend to record it, and when I get a chance to watch I just watch the dancing. I want to be that good!

Joanie said...

This is the first season I have watched "Dancing with the Stars" and really enjoy it. The dancing is amazing!

jeannie said...

The picture looks like the reindeer from Santa's sleigh and all the little elves!

Guess it is just that time of year.

Tucker said...

Nice Photo! I was just there again a couple of weeks ago.