Friday, November 23, 2007

Sunny Black Friday

Happy Day After Thanksgiving! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and got to spend time with family and/or friends. We 3 along with Maw and Porge had an enjoyable dinner at Gram and GrandDad's house. Gram made a fabulous dinner with all the extras. While at their house, I got to talk to my brothers, Bob and Jim and their families. All is well with them.

Thanksgiving morning we all went our separate ways to get some exercise. Jim ran in a
10K race in the freezing rain and Arctic winds and won his age group so he brought home $75! Corey went for a run a little later when the rain had turned to snow and I wimped out and ran and rowed on the machines at the gym! We all got home about the same time and raked some leaves into piles as the snow was falling.

One of our conversations at dinner was about some friends of Gram and GrandDad's, whose
Thanksgiving dinner was "local," meaning everything came from within 50 miles of their
home. Jim thought this sounded interesting and 
we began brainstorming what we would
be able to eat if we went with this 50 mile challenge for our Christmas dinner. Apples, potatoes, and hydroponic lettuces were the easy foods, but the main course was a bit more challenging. There were suggestions for squirrel and woodchuck! A visit to the Public Market will probably fill our needs and Jim and I will take a run down there in the next couple of weeks to see what kind of local meat
we can find. Jim did a quick internet search and came up with some farms within our 50
mile limit that raise chicken, turkey, pigs,
and cows for meat sales. So, I think this is something that we can manage! A note to the Kuehls-you have been warned-re-read the above paragraph before you RSVP for
Christmas dinner!

I went to the mall this morning, at 8:30, and was amazed by the lines in some of the stores. I talked with one friend who waited in line in Bon-Ton for 1 hour and 20 minutes to pay for her stuff! No way! I saw those lines and walked right through the store. I did buy a few things, but never had to wait in a long line.

Jim and I walked to City Mattress (about 1/2 mile down Ridge Road, definitely the fastest way to get there today!) and bought a new mattress. There were no lines at City Mattress, as a matter of fact, we were the only customers there most of the time. We tried out 4 different mattresses and decided to go with a Simmons Beauty Rest of some type. It has some kind of plush top and because each spring (coil) is individually wrapped, I shouldn't feel it when Jim is rolling around! The mattress will be delivered next Thursday, which will give me time to purchase new sheets! Jim said that mattress shopping was probably the kind of shopping he enjoys the most, lots of laying around! 

Hope all is well.

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Tucker said...

I hear woodchuck is good! I am definitely all for a local xmas! With a live tree, thats my vote.