Monday, November 19, 2007

Mundane Monday

I'll jot  a quick entry before Dancing with the Stars starts. Is this the week that Marie Osmond goes home? I hope so. The other couples are so much better than she is-I think she has survived on the sympathy vote.

Jim had a good race yesterday and came home with a couple of awards. 

I rang bells during the worship service at church and the piece went well. My part was very challenging and I was pleased with how I rang.

Did any of you see the crushing of the Buffalo Bills by the Patriots last night? There was so much hope in western New York that Bills could pull off the upset of the century, but the realists knew better. 

I went to the fastest PTA meeting at school tonight-35 minutes! I had time to make a trip to the library before coming home.

Jim is spending the night as a volunteer at a men's homeless shelter tonight. He does this about once every 2 months during the cold weather.

Corey called tonight to say that he wasn't leaving Syracuse until 9 PM tomorrow because the guy he is riding with has a class until then. We will pick Corey up at Eastview Mall about 10 PM and we will be glad to have him home for a few days.

Here's a funny school story. Today during one of our games with first graders, every time this one girl bent over, all this fabric would pull out of her pants and she would stand up and try to push it back down her pants. When I asked her if everything was OK she said that when she got dressed this morning she forgot to take off her pajama bottoms and they kept "popping" out of her pants! You gotta love these kids!

Hope all is well. 

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