Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Short Work Week!

Corey is home! Yea! He got a ride as far as Eastview Mall and we picked him up there shortly after 7 PM. He was home for about 15 minutes when he was into a bag of chips and was out to see his friends in under 2 hours!! He visited both sets of grandparents, had dinner with us and will now go out with his high school friends for the evening! 

So the Dancing With the Stars finals will be next week and the 3 best couples will not be
there. The 3 most popular couples will dance, as once again Marie managed to get enough votes to stay. I nearly turned off the TV when she and her partner were the first names called to be in the finals! I'm glad I stayed tuned because Michael Flatley's dance was amazing! I loved the precision of it! So I will watch next week's Dancing Finals, to see the great dancing, but I cannot cheer for Marie.

Funny school story: The children did a jump rope warm-up today and the kindergartners are just beginning to get how to jump rope. One very hyper, ADD-type 4 year old boy (just made the Kindergarten age cut-off, should have had a year of Pre-school) was wanting me to watch him as he started running and jumping rope down the length of the gym. By the time he got to the other end, his too-big pants were down around his ankles and he was all bent over giving us all a nice view of his Superman underwear! He has made good progress as a rope jumper, now I just need to give him my "loaner" belt next time we jump!

I came across this website which analyzes other websites and blogs for their reading level. I typed in the info for The Empty Nest and it got a Junior High Rating.  Corey says that if I want to up my rating I should just cut and paste some pages from a dictionary into my blog! 

It was a cold, dreary day here and the weather is forecasted to be worse tomorrow. Jim is racing in a 10K race at 9:00 AM tomorrow and  the rain should be changing to snow or sleet about then with strong winds out of the north. The first 3 miles of the race head straight north! In the past he has won the Veteran's division and picked up the $75 award! 

Jim and I may go mattress shopping this weekend. Some friends will know that we have been talking about needing a new mattress for years! I  have been trying to prepare Jim for the sticker shock that he may experience when he first walks into City Mattress, but I'm sure he will still not be a happy camper about the price of a decent mattress. We think our mattress is about 18 years old!

We do need to make some headway on the leaves this weekend too, now that Corey is here to help. Hopefully we won't have to shovel first to get to the leaves!

Have a great Turkey Day and go for a walk after your big dinner!

Hope all is well.

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