Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Day of Summer Vacation!

Labor Day marks the last day of summer vacation and it has been a great vacation time. I got to travel, see many family members and friends, and spend a lot of quality time with Jim. I think I have now chronicled all of our travels in this blog, so if you are wondering where we've been, just check the recent posts.

Today we had a memorable last day of summer vacation by going to Chimney Bluffs State Park, just east of Sodus Bay. On our way to Chimney Bluffs we took a slight detour to see Maxwell Creek Farm, from where we get our weekly produce delivery.

We went drove past many apple orchards and the trees were just heavy with apples. It was a beautiful sight!

Here are some photos from our Chimney Bluffs hike. We walked to the beach level and then walked to the end of the park and then returned on the bluff trail, above the water level. It was a delightful hike!

It was an interesting place and a very manageable trip from home.

Last night we had Bob, Sally, Liz and Ryan here for dinner. It was good to see Liz and Ryan again (it was good to see Bob and Sally too, as usual!).

Here is photo of all of my canned peaches. 31 quarts and 7 pints!

We've talked to both Tucker and Corey in the past couple of days. Tucker and Alison are knee-deep in free apples and peaches from an abandoned orchard. Corey got a haircut, see the photo below!

So when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning, it is not an alarm for just Jim. I will have to haul myself out of bed and get back into the school routine. No more having a casual breakfast and attempting to do the crossword puzzle. I have meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday and then the children arrive on Thursday.

Hope all is well with you.

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