Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Corey!

Happy Birthday to Corey! 21 years old today and they have been 21 wonderful years! We will have to celebrate when we see you this weekend. We'll bring your "21" driver's license with us! Here is an old photo of Corey from early in his running career!

We're having a heat wave here and today it took its toll on me. I rode my bike to school and decided to do my 15 mile route before school, when it was only 65 degrees, which was a great decision. Then it started to heat up and I was outside all day with my classes. By the time I started home, it was 90 degrees. I thought I would ride a little longer than the most direct route home and that proved to be difficult. With about 3 miles to go, I felt awful and the ride seemed like a lot of work. I pulled into the driveway with 23 miles, and needed 2 glasses of water, a glass of iced tea and a small snack before I started to feel more normal. I thought I was drinking a lot of water while at school today, but apparently I will need do get even more in me if it is this hot again tomorrow. But now that we've had dinner at the Villages, and I have cooled down, I am feeling much better.

Last night and tonight I planted all the flowers and myrtle ground cover that I bought on Sunday and now the challenge is to make sure that those tender, new plants get enough water. I think for now I will have to water in the AM and PM.

Next Tuesday we get our first delivery of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) produce. After this first week, our regular, weekly deliver date will be Mondays. The farm where this produce is coming from has posted the tentative produce list for our first delivery and it includes: asparagus, head lettuce, rhubarb, mixed baby salad greens, radishes, spinach, baby turnips and kohlrabi. Now, there are a couple of things on that list that are not usually part of our diet, but we are planning on being adventuresome and giving them a try. Watch for a photo of our first produce share. You may remember that this CSA share was a gift from Tucker and Corey and we are looking forward to all the good things that we will get for the next 18 weeks.

Dancing With the Stars ended last night, just the way I hoped, with Derek and Nicole winning! Of course, with the champion being named just before 11 PM, I did not stay up to see it. Thank goodness for the internet, where I can re-live the moment.

Time to knit. I am about 1/3 of the way through my latest shawl, which I hope to have done for our summer cruise. This shawl is really a stole, or as Jim describes it, a really wide scarf. I am very comfortable with the pattern and still love the light pink fluff that I am knitting it with.

Hope all is well with you.

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