Sunday, March 21, 2010

Go 'Cuse!

It has been a great weekend of basketball and in spite of sitting and watching a lot of basketball on TV I have managed to do other things this weekend.

But first off some congratulations to the Syracuse, Cornell and Purdue teams for their big wins today. I included Cornell and Purdue here because Bob and Sally were over tonight with an early birthday cake for me and we got to celebrate their teams winning too. Syracuse looked good today even with their big man out with an injury and their second big man sitting for a good chunk of the first half with 3 fouls. They play Butler on Thursday in Salt Lake City, but we will have to get updates on the game while we are at the Carrier Dome for the East Regional Play-off games, where Kentucky will play Cornell in one of those games. I will have to cheer for Kentucky (sorry Sally) because I have them going all the way in one of my brackets. Of course I had Kansas winning it all in my other bracket, and that can't happen now that Northern Iowa upset them yesterday. I do love college basketball and March Madness!

So would you rather read about knitting or basketball?! I have done a lot of knitting on my pink shawl while watching the Madness and must have 9 inches or so done on it.

Yesterday I went to my spinning guild meeting for a couple of hours and it was great to have some dedicated spinning time. Maybe I would spin more if my wheel was back in the living room where it lived for a long time.

I got home in time to get outside for a 15.5 mile bike ride. The sun was out but the wind was colder than I anticipated and I never really warmed up until I turned around and headed east, back home. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good I felt on the bike and the pace I was keeping. I did ride my cruiser bike (Roxie) to school 3 days last week and on
Saturday when I got on my new Trek, the riding seemed almost effortless! I do love both of my bikes and they each serve a great purpose.

Last night my bell choir played a concert at church along with the 3 other bell choirs at church and we did OK. Most of us in the choir would prefer not to do these concerts but the director says it is good for us!

So Sally made me a white cake with the frosting that goes on top of a German Chocolate cake (coconut and nuts) and it was yummy. Plus there is enough left over to enjoy it the rest of the week. Thanks Sally!

Back to school tomorrow. I am part of the planning committee for our Jump Rope for Heart event at school on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see how generous our community is with their charitable donations during this economic time.

Hope all is well.

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jdgrivetti said...

Did you forget to cheer for Tennessee?