Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dinner on the Porch

Ahh, the sweetness of a beautiful spring day. Actually this is the second perfect spring day in a row and the forecasters are predicting more for tomorrow. When I got home from school today, I opened the door to the porch (the Mexican Room) and was blasted with a wave of hot air, so I left the door opened to let some of the free heat into the house! By dinner time it was still a lovely temp out there so we carried our dinner plates out there and ate off of tray tables! It was delightful!

Yesterday and today I rode my bike to and from school. It has been a bit cool in the morning, but by the return ride, I didn't need to wear my jacket. I may try to ride again tomorrow.

The progress on my newest shawl is coming nicely. Here is an in-progress photo:

March Madness has started and so far it has been great basketball. I can easily knit and watch the games, so that is a good thing. Syracuse plays tomorrow night, so we will be cheering for them even though we won't be at the game.

Our sympathies go out to the Grivetti family as they mourn the death of one of their dogs, Jazz. Jazz got in a tussle with a coyote and lost that battle.

Hope all is well.

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