Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Furniture!

During the only snow storm that we've had this winter our new living room furniture was delivered, but the delivery guys took good care of our furniture as they brought it in the house.

But before they could bring in the new, it was out with the old.

And then I vacuumed several years' worth of dust out from behind the old sofa. How often do you pull out your sofa and vacuum behind it? Take the poll in the sidebar and compare your housekeeping priorities with those of others!

After taking off the front door, the new sofa was brought in.

That was followed by the 2 chairs, wrapped up against the elements.

Here is a photo of Jim watching the Olympics while enjoying one of the new chairs. The chair that Jim is in is a swivel rocker and the chair near the computer is just a swivel chair.

And here I am on the new sofa with my knitting. We are both very happy with how the furniture looks in our living room, especially knowing that I am not Martha Stewart! Plus, all three pieces are very comfy!

And our old sofa looks so cold and lonely out by the curb waiting for the next trash pick-up.
So that is enough new stuff for a while! I think we have done our fair share of stimulating the economy.

Tucker just called and he and Alison are back in Cortez. It will be nice to be able to call, text or e-mail with him when we want.

We have been staying up way too late watching the Olympics. I just love all the competitions. I sometimes get frustrated with the NBC coverage, too much fluff and not enough of the events, but I watch whatever they are showing.

Hope all is well.

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