Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope someone was sweet to you today!

We went to Syracuse today to watch the red-hot basketball team and unfortunately, they were not red-hot today. They lost to Louisville and probably deserved to lose as they did not play particularly well. It was fun to be part of a crowd numbering 31, 053~the largest crowd for an on-campus NCAA game this year. That record will be broken when SU plays Villanova in 2 weeks. That game is sold-out with 34,000 people expected. We had lunch with Corey and then walked to the game from his apartment. After the game, we returned to his place where we watched some Olympic coverage before heading home.

Not sure where this past week has gone. Monday night I went to the Knitting Guild meeting with Sally. On Tuesday I took Gram and GrandDad to the airport for their trip to Florida. Wednesday night I had bell rehearsal and Thursday Jim came home from his business trip and I worked at the hospital gift shop. Friday and Saturday nights we have been watching the Olympics~wasn't the Opening Ceremony wonderful?! I loved the music, the dancing, and the pageantry!

Most of my free time has been spent knitting on my shawl. It took me three tries to get a series of 5 rows correct~and remember each of those rows has 485 little stitches in it!

Recently one of the local health foundations offered to give all of my 401 students a hat and mittens to encourage them to play outside during our February recess. The hats and mittens were made from a beautiful deep purple fleece and the kids loved them. Here is a photo of some of my students standing in the courtyard of our school modeling their new winter accessories. One of the school custodians took the photo from the roof for me!

Tucker called tonight from Mexico saying that he and Alison were spending their last night south of the border. Tomorrow they will be able to turn in some vehicle documents they were required to have and then drive across the border. They have had a wonderful trip.

Corey raced yesterday in Boston and ran the mile in 4:11.40!! Another PR for him. Next weekend he will run the 3K in the Big East meet in NYC.

I have this coming week off from school and as you might imagine, I am really looking forward to a break from school. On Tuesday we are getting our new refrigerator delivered. We decided to take advantage of the stimulus money for purchasing new energy efficient appliances. We bought a Maytag refrigerator with a slide-out freezer on the bottom. I will put a photo in the blog once it is in place. On Wednesday we get our new living room furniture delivered. I will get a photo of that in here too in the near future. So I'm sure this week-off will fly by!

Hope all is well.

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jdgrivetti said...

I loved the whales swimming across the floor!