Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

OK, here are bits and pieces of news or minutiae. How's that for an opening sentence? Just makes you want to read more doesn't it?!

I was going to title this post "Officially an Old Lady" after I made this purchase.

It is a pill box for my 4 morning vitamins/supplements that come from 3 different bottles. I decided that if I loaded this thing on Sundays with my vitamins for the week, I could sleep in an extra minute every day!! So far I do like the convenience of it. The letters on it for the days of the week are large enough for me to see without my glasses for a few more years and after that I can take advantage of the letter days that are in braille on each compartment! So I guess I am now officially old. I will probably be getting those big sunglasses that would fit over my reading glasses any day now! No offense to any of my gentle readers that wear those sunglasses, but truly they are not something that a young person wears.

OK, on to more exciting things. Tucker sent us a photo from his camping trip a couple of weeks ago. Is he one lucky guy or what?
Last night we went to a Sierra Club sponsored show about the proposed Red Rock Wilderness area in southern Utah. It was very interesting and will probably have us writing our congress-people, asking them to support the legislation to protect this beautiful, unique area.

I finished knitting a cowl, which is a little scarf that just goes around your neck. I made it from 100 % alpaca and it is very warm. Now I just need some cold weather so I can wear it.
It is a pretty lacy pattern designed by the Yarn Harlot and was a fun and fairly easy knit. The top edge is folded over in this photo.

In addition to Grandpa's fine recovery, we have one more thing for which to be grateful this Thanksgiving and that is that Jim survived the significant lay-offs at Johnson and Johnson. Many people that Jim has worked with for 20, 25 years have been laid-off and you can imagine how difficult it is at this time at J&J.

Time to watch Dancing with the Stars. Tonight we learn who are the 3 couple in the finals next week. My favorite pro, Derek, is still in it.

Hope all is well.


Amy said...

Did you happen to notice that I have a pill box just like that in BLUE. I brought it home today to refill it with my 3 vitamins/day just like you Marge...however... I will NEVER buy those sunglasses! (Sorry gentle readers)

PatC. said...

And I have those sunglasses that fit over my glasses because I am too cheap to buy prescription sunglasses! I totally embarrass the girls when I wear them.