Sunday, November 15, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

We've had a fairly quiet weekend, which has been most welcome.

Friday night I had to go back to school because I had volunteered to help at the PTA Book Fair.

Saturday we did some yard work in the morning. We raked up a few leaves and Jim mowed the lawn for the last time this season.

We've also had some doorbell issues lately so Jim made a trip to Home Depot and got new doorbell switches for both the front and side doors.
I did some errands including a trip to the Farmer's Market. I think that market will be in the mall parking lot until the weekend before Thanksgiving, which I guess is next weekend already.

Saturday night we went to dinner at the Taste of Texas BBQ place in Spencerport. It was a quick but delicious meal. You order and pay for your meal at the bar as you walk in, and then go sit a table. About 5 minutes later your name is called and you pick up a tray with your food on it. I had BBQ baby back ribs and Jim had BBQed pulled chicken, along with 2 sides with each meal. We'll have to take the boys there when they are home around Christmas because I think they would enjoy the food.

Today Jim raced at the Finger Lakes Community College and then went to a party to wrap up the Upstate XC Series. His veteran men's team won their division, he was happy about that.

After a morning of errands, I spent most of the afternoon spinning and knitting. I haven't spun in a while and it felt good to be behind the wheel! I finished knitting a cowl neck warmer and will post a photo of that in the near future when it gets dry from the blocking process. Tonight I just finished the collar part of Tucker's sweater. Here is a photo of that work in progress. I also have about 3/4 of one sleeve done so I am making good progress.

Congratulations to the Odyssey Boys XC team which took 4th place at the state meet. And congratulations to the SU Men's and Women's XC team which won their regional meet, guaranteeing them a place in the Nationals in a week or so.

Tucker called tonight and he is doing well. It has been cold and snowy in Cortez~tonight the low is supposed to be 11 degrees!!!

Time to go iron.

Hope all is well.

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