Sunday, November 22, 2009

Home from the Big Apple

Our trip home from New York City was as easy as the trip down. We had a short walk to Grand Central Station, our train to Poughkeepsie pulled out of the station on time and it was a pretty ride up the Hudson River to our waiting car. After loading our luggage into the Vibe, we walked to the newly opened Walkway Over the Hudson.

This Walkway is a former railroad bridge crossing the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie. The bridge ceased functioning as a railroad bridge in 1980 and in 1992 a group was formed to raise the money needed to convert the bridge into a multi-use walkway. It is over 200 feet above the river and about 1.25 miles across. Here are some photos from our walk across and back this bridge which re-opened just this past October.

This is the Mid-Hudson vehicle bridge that includes a walking/biking lane so it is possible to walk/bike a loop between this bridge and the new Walkway bridge. What a great local resource!
It was a great day for our walk and we would recommend a stop in Poughkeepsie to do this walk if you find yourself in this area.

While we were walking on the bridge my cell phone rang and it was my Mom inviting us to dinner when we got home, which we quickly accepted! Thanks Mom (and Dad) for the great pot roast dinner.

Tuesday is Amy J's birthday. Happy Birthday, Amy! Is this one of those big birthday's that end in a zero?!

Back to school tomorrow for a short week.

Hope all is well.

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