Monday, October 5, 2009


This was grape pie weekend for me and this year I decided to pick my own grapes. Last year when driving home from somewhere south of here, I saw a sign for Pick your Own Grapes near Naples. So this year I did a little research and found the place that I saw advertised, Jerome's Pick Your Own, 2 miles south of Naples.

I set out on Saturday morning, enjoying the 1.5 hour drive. Here some photos from my time at the farm.

I couldn't stop picking and filled all the baskets that Jim had put in the car for me, even though I only asked for 3 baskets. Here is what I picked. Guess how many pounds?
43 pounds!!! That is a lot grapes considering that each grape needs to be hand squeezed to separate the skin from the pulp. Grandma came over on Sunday afternoon and helped convert 2.5 pecks into 14 pie fillings. Add that 14 to the 3 I did on Saturday afternoon and we were up to 17 pies by Sunday night.

I came home from school today and made 6 more pies worth and now have less than a peck to process.

A few other things happened this weekend. Jim was finally able to order roof racks for his year-old Vibe. He spent some time on Saturday fitting the racks to his car. He knew that if he came into the house, I would want him to squeeze grapes!
There is racing news to report. Corey traveled with the SU XC team to a big meet in Wisconsin. Corey ran well and the team had a great day. The SU team has not been ranked nationally this season, but they won this meet beating 8 teams that were ranked! They are all now waiting for the new rankings to come out to see where the SU team will be placed.

Jim ran in Syracuse on Sunday morning in the National Masters 5K Road Race Championships and ran better than he thought he would considering he missed running a couple of days last week because of work commitments. His team of old guys took 3rd place. Well Done!

Last night Jim and I went to the Villages to have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. The food was great~turkey and gravy!
Here is a photo of Grandpa's new wheels. Watch out if you are walking in front of him when he is cruising the hallways!

I had my MRI on my knee at 7 AM on Sunday. I won't get the results until Oct. 22. The good news is that my knee felt much better today. I am a bit more optimistic than I was last Friday or Saturday.

Time to go knit. I am very close to finishing my Rhinebeck sweater.

Hope all is well.

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