Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good Times, Not So Good Times

Let's start with the not so good times. Grandpa went into the hospital in the early morning hours today and has been diagnosed as having had a heart attack and he has pneumonia. Grandma called us at 6:40 AM (and phone calls at that hour are rarely good news) to tell us that Grandpa was in the Intensive Care Unit at Unity Hospital. We went right over and found Grandma resting in Grandpa's room. Grandpa has been medicated so he sleeps all the time and has lots of tubes going into his body. He will be kept in this medicated state for a day or so, while he is being treated for the pneumonia and more tests are being run. We will go back and visit later this afternoon. Stay tuned for updates.

Our good times started on Friday night when some of my colleagues and their spouses came over for a night of Rock Band fun. And fun is what we had! We did lots of Beatles songs and then moved on to the regular Rock Band songs that feature lot of different bands. We rocked out for 3.5 hours and had lots of laughs. Here is one of many photos and movies that were taken that night.

Saturday I got up early to make a grape pie to take to Corey. This is the first pie from this year's grapes. Did I tell you that my 43 pounds of grapes made 26 pie fillings?! Jim and I left for Syracuse at 9:45 and arrived at Corey's apartment about 11:30 AM. We had to wait a few minutes until he got home from practice. After he took a quick shower we walked to the Dome for the SU vs. West Virginia football game.
Unfortunately the SU team didn't bring their "A" game and West Virginia had a fairly easy time beating the Orange. We left at halftime and drove a short ways south to the Lafayette Apple Festival. It was a beautiful day to do this activity and we enjoyed walking around the festival. There had been quite a bit of rain in this area in the past few days and we had to tip-toe around the mud, but that was OK. There were lots of craft vendors and we walked around to see many of the vendors but that was definitely not Jim's or Corey's thing! We did buy Corey some fudge, apple cider and apples before heading back to SU. The fall foliage was lovely along our drive there and back. Here are some photos from the festival.

After some wild ping-pong games at Corey's apartment (not the usual game that college kids play with ping-pong balls!), we picked up 2 of Corey's friends and went to dinner at a pasta restuarant in the Armory Square area of Syracuse.
Our meals were delicious, well worth the hour-plus wait we had to endure! We got back to Rochester about 10:15 PM.

This morning I picked some empire apples at Green Acres.
These 2 pecks of perfect apples will last me for a month or so. You know what they say about an apple a day!

Time to go sew up the underarm seams on my Rhinebeck sweater and then sew on 6 buttons!

Keep Grandpa in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers from his medical issues.

Hope all is well.

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