Thursday, September 10, 2009

Off to a Good Start

Three days into our new school year and things are going well. Not too many criers and most kids were very excited to be back at school! We've had 3 nice days so the kids have not had to get off or get on the bus in the rain. That may change tomorrow.

Our evenings have been busy and I am looking forward to a quiet night tomorrow night. We had a visit from Bob and Joanie on Tuesday evening as they were stopping over in Rochester on their way to Boston where they will depart on a cruise. It was great to see them and get caught up on what is going on in their lives. Wednesday night I had bell choir rehearsal and tonight I was volunteering at the hospital. 

Saturday morning we have to get an early start because we are volunteering at a 100 mile bike race down by Bristol Mountain. We are going to be stationed at one of the rest stops and I guess, supplying the riders with drinks and food. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. 

Tucker called to report that he has another job lined up for when his current project winds downs later this month. He will be moving to Cortez, CO, a move he is looking forward to making. 

Hope all is well.

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