Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

This was a very pleasant holiday weekend in this area! Hope you had the same.

Saturday I took a nice bike ride on my Trek in the morning. I rode up to Charlotte Beach
and then rode south on the River Trail.
That brought me out by the cemeteries on Lake Ave. From there I worked my way through some of the residential streets until I got home with 19.2 miles on my odometer. 

I put the Trek away and jumped on the Schwinn for a quick trip to the post office and a stop at the Farmer's Market. I was amazed at how much fruit and veggies I could carry in the basket on Roxie (the name on the Schwinn!). In the afternoon I went searching for a button for my second knit hat, this one in SU colors. I don't have a photo of that hat but it is as cute as the one I made to wear to the RIT hockey games.

Sunday we went to church and I spent a leisurely afternoon reading and knitting. We had a nice dinner at Bob and Sally's, with the bonus of getting to see Liz. We took a nice walk after dinner down to Braddocks Bay and unfortunately I left without my camera, so no photos.

Today Jim and I attacked the NW corner of the backyard. We spent 2.5 hours removing lots of overgrown bushes, pulling weeds, trimming branches and raking up debris. It looks great, and now we need to figure out what to do back there. We came up with a few requirements for this area including 1) Jim does not want more grass to cut, 2) some landscaping to discourage people from using our yard as a short-cut to the mall, 3) shade-loving plants, and 4) low maintenance. So if there are any people out there with landscaping ideas, please feel free to share your thoughts. Here is a photo of the cleaned out area.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another school year, my 11th at Longridge. There are many things to be optimistic about as we begin our 180 days with this group of children. 

Bob and Joanie will be in town tomorrow night in route to Boston for their No-Back-To-School cruise! It will be good to see them and I made a Blueberry cobbler in their honor!

Hope all is well.

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